Vingrotto Cellars

Your Dream Realized...

VinGrotto was born out of a passion for fine wine, woodworking, and a deep interest in how aspects of architecture influence a person's life.  We begin each wine cellar by first learning how a cellar owner would prefer to use their wine cellar; we then develop the optimal plan for that person's exact wants, needs, space, and budget.  This is in stark contrast to a manufacturer of racking components and retailer of cooling systems whose "design service" focuses exclusively on how to force what they sell into your space.  We design and build a racking system that will fit precisely into your particular space, which holds your combination of bottles, and we install the climate control system that's best for your cellar's exact circumstances.  The result is a beautiful wine cellar that provides the appropriate home for your wine in a way with which both you and your wine will be very happy for many decades to come. 

A VinGrotto racking system fits your cellar like a Savile Row suit and provides your wine with the safe cocoon it deserves.  Once you have a cellar built by VinGrotto, you too will enjoy the satisfaction that comes from beginning your evening by opening your cellar door, breathing in the cool humid air, choosing the perfect bottle, and proceeding with your plans for a wonderful evening.

VinGrotto Cellars is located in Minnetrista, a western suburb of the Twin Cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota. VinGrotto is a true custom wine cellar builder.