Spiegelau Salute 7.4 oz Champagne flute - set of 4

Why we recommend it:  You may not want to buy enough of the high-end Champagne glasses for big parties, if not you will need to have a supply of decent Champagne glasses at the ready.  These are them.

Spiegelau Salute 7.4 oz Champagne flute (set of 4):  Spiegelau's Salute series features classic, timeless glass design featuring an elegant high stem.  Salute glasses continue the fine Spiegelau tradition of enhancing a wine's aromatics and flavors.

    • 7.4 oz capacity.
    • Non-leaded crystal.
    • Certified dishwasher safe.
    • Made in Germany.

Interesting facts: 

  • 11 of the 14 Michelin 3 star restaurants in the US carry Spiegelau glassware.
  • Spiegelau is one of the world's oldest companies. Established in 1524.

Type: Drinkware

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