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True Wine Cellar Experts

  • We specialize in wine cellars and we ARE the wine cellar experts! 
  • Not only do we know construction, we share your affection for wine, and we know what's best for it. 
  • You don’t need to learn - then explain to a contractor - the correct methods to construct, insulate, and create the proper vapor barrier of a wine cellar. We already know. We're the ones that people who want to learn about wine cellars come to in order to learn about properly constructing wine cellars.
  • We can make a cellar with almost any combination of racking style, wood species, or finish - not just a narrow range of pre-made choices.
  • One call does it all. You don’t have to find a contractor for each step of the process - VinGrotto ensures the proper completion of all of them. We complete them in the ideal order, and most importantly, always with the wine in mind. VinGrotto is a licensed contractor. MN Construction Lic. #CR585637
  • All our efforts go toward building the finest wine cellars. We don't do anything else. This is not a sideline or after thought. We do this because Wine Cellars are what we WANT to do.
  • Most of all, we are the ones who know how to create the best environment for your wine. We are The Wine Cellar Expert. We are The Wine Cellar Guru. Type in www.WineCellar.Expert or www.WineCellar.Guru and see where it leads you.


VinGrotto Cellars does it all!

  • True Custom Racking
  • Climate-Control Engineering
  • Wine Cellar Consulting
  • Troubleshooting and Service
  • Wine Storage Facilities
  • Design Services
  • All-Inclusive Contractor
  • New or Existing Construction
  • Residential or Commercial

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