Wine Storage Facility

Looking out of a custom wine cellar window windows

For those who don't have a cellar with the perfect environment for long term storage of wine, or have run out of room in their perfect cellar, we have space available:

  1. Lease Our Wine Storage Lockers....... hold up to 144 bottles, $100 per month. (Minnetrista, MN Facility)*
  2. Storage for Boxed Cases.......... $2.50 per case per month. (Wayzata, MN Facility)
  3. Storage for Bottles stored Individually........ $25 per dozen per month. (Wayzata, MN Facility)

Please call us at 612-501-2193, or send an email to

* Locker layout is approximately 75% individual bottle storage/25% bulk. Other configurations available with long term lease.

Please Note: Wine fridges are NOT suitable for long-term wine storage. The humidity levels in wine fridges are NOT high enough. Although wine fridges attempt to not remove humidity, they do not add humidity. Therefore they do not have the ability to raise the humidity to the proper level.

Wine fridges are advertised using phrasing like "stabilizes humidity". Yes, they do stabilize humidity. But NO, they do not increase the humidity to the level needed for the long term needs of wine bottle corks. If you want to lay down a bottle with a real cork in it for more than 5 years, a wine fridge will NOT work for you.

Some wine fridges come with a little sponge that you are to wet when it becomes dry. Even if you did wet it the second it became dry, the humidity level in the fridge would have already gone down. Wine does NOT respond well to variations in humidity.