216 Compostable Tumbler / Stemless Wine Glasses

Why we recommend it:  Such a great solution for a large party - No washing and drying dozens of glasses, and no guilt about filling a landfill.

Case of 216 Compostable Tumbler / Stemless Wine Glasses

NOTE:  Selfeco is way behind in it's production of it's compostable products.  A two month wait is not unusual.  Please time your order accordingly.

Serve your drinks in eco-style with our sturdy, compostable 9oz Stemless Wine Glasses / Tumblers. They are perfect for indoor or outdoor events to serve wine or just about anything else!

  • Compostable: PLA biodegrades in industrial or commercial compost facilities. We are also BPI Compliant.
  • Note: Our plant-based clear material is transparent, but not 100% crystal-clear like petroleum-based products. We have worked with our manufacturer to give you the most clear products we possibly can. Filling this product with liquid will make it appear more transparent.
  • Non-Toxic: FDA food-contact approved, no harmful chemicals.
  • Cold Food & Liquid Safe: Our products are food safe. Recommended for use up to 105°F. Product is NOT dishwasher safe or microwave safe! Store in cool place and out of direct sunlight.
  • Renewable: Made from starchy renewable plants, as opposed to trees that take many years to regenerate.
  • Made in USA: Designed, sourced, manufactured, packaged, and assembled in the USA.
  • 216 per case.  Each glass is 3" tall and 3" wide.

Type: Drinkware

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