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Why we recommend it:  The best and most efficient way to avoid drops of wine ending up on your table or table cloth.  Besides, letting wine drip is wasteful.  Save those drops of wine for drinking.  Sure, you could catch the drips with your finger, but that's not as classy as you may think. 

VinGrotto Wine Discs:  Excellent quality discs with good feel, and they even say VinGrotto on them!  Amaze your friends with your superior brand name goods that clearly state, "Yepp.  No one's better than me, and I'm probably better than you." 

  • While they are most prevalent at high-end winery tours and tastings, they work on any similarly shaped bottle - not just wine bottles.
  • Made from foil of the ideal thickness and finish providing nice feel and durability. 
  • Re-Usable.  I personally average several hundred uses out of each wine disc.  Just rinse it off at the end of the evening and it will be ready to use the next day.
  • Each disc comes wrapped in it's own envelope.
  • 2 Discs for your Facebook like.

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