Champagne Saber, Traditional Laguiole Decor

Why we recommend it:  Like Napoleonic soldiers, win or lose, you deserve a little sabering when the battle is done.  Everyone should have the opportunity AND the occasion, to saber a Champagne bottle.  It's safer with a Champagne saber than a normal sword.  We offer two.  Pick your favorite and give it a whirl.  Turn your next gathering into a memorable event! 

Laguiole Style Champagne Saber:  Many of Napoleon's soldiers celebrated hard fought victories by decapitating bottles of bubbly with their sabers. Sabering has developed into a ritual that makes the opening of champagne even more festive.

A distinguishing feature, unlike a regular saber, is that the blade is not sharp. It makes an interesting gift for modern day swashbucklers. This formidable model has a blunt stainless steel blade, brass bolster and rivets and an inlaid rosewood handle. Traditional Laguiole decor embosses the handle and bolster. Blade 11-3/8” long, overall, 16-3/8” long.

Type: Accessories

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