Climate Control Experts

Properly storing wine for the long term involves maintaining the right climate, including temperature and humidity control, minimizing UV light exposure, reducing vibrations, and ensuring proper bottle orientation. Our mission at VinGrotto is to make this happen, and we emphasize doing it correctly.

Custom wine cellar multi color lighting system

While the components used for wine cellar climate control resemble those used for home cooling and humidification, or cooling walk-in coolers and freezers, how they interact is significantly different. Managing humidity adds complexity. You need an expert who comprehends these nuances to create the ideal wine environment. Investing in a cooling system that isn't set up correctly or placing valuable wine in the wrong conditions is unwise. Contact VinGrotto for precise setup.

The unique features of your cellar, its surroundings, and your usage determine the right combination of climate control systems and methods. We possess the expertise to assist you in making these decisions, provide the necessary components, and install them. Whether your collection is small or extensive, we are your go-to source. We offer various cooling and humidification systems and have extensive experience with them. Let us help you identify the perfect solution tailored to your needs. Remember, a small investment in proper climate control safeguards your valuable wine collection, ensuring it remains enjoyable and valuable.