Climate Control Experts

Wine cellar racking and wall fountain

As you are no doubt aware, the proper long term storage of wine requires the proper climate - including the proper temperature and humidity, the limiting of UV light and vibrations, and of course provide for the proper bottle orientation. We exist to make that happen - and happen PROPERLY.  Properly is the key!

Although the components of the various units that make up the proper wine cellar climate are very similar to those used for cooling and humidifying a home, or cooling a walk-in cooler or freezer, how they work together is VERY different. And the fact that humidity needs to be at a certain level adds a whole new level of complexity. You need to have someone working for you who understands those differences in order to create the proper environment for wine. It would be silly to spend thousands on a cooling system that isn’t setup correctly - and foolish to place tens of thousands of dollars of wine in the wrong environment.   Please call VinGrotto to get things setup correctly.

The unique characteristics of your cellar, its surroundings, and how you use it, combine to determine the correct amalgamation of climate control system subsets and methods needed.  We have the expertise required to help you make this determination, and to supply and install all the components your wine needs. Whichever system is right for your cellar, we're the ones you should be talking to.  Whether you have a hundred bottles, or a hundred thousand bottles, call us!

We offer all of the major types of cooling and humidification systems, AND have years of experience with them.  Let us help determine which is right for your specific needs.  The correct combination is crucial.

You know wine.  And you know that it doesn't take very many bottles of good wine to far exceed the cost of proper climate control, and without proper climate control, good wine becomes worthless  ...or worse yet, unenjoyable.

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