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True Custom Racking

Wine Cellar with wall fountain

VinGrotto Cellars builds true custom wine racking systems. NOT out of kits, and certainly NOT out of converted kitchen cabinets.

We build a racking system that fits your exact space and how YOU intend to use your cellar. As opposed to a semi-custom racking company that forces their 'standard' sized units into your space, and then calls it custom racking. They might call it custom racking, but it isn't. Each racking system we build is unique to that cellar - truly custom. Each piece is made to fit not only the room, but how you'll be using it.

Forcing the use of standard units or components cannot achieve a truly satisfactory result. The more unique the shape of the cellar, and perhaps not as intuitively, the smaller the cellar, the more dramatic the difference is between true custom racking and semi-custom racking. Even a detail as small as a baseboard makes a difference in how the racking should be built.

Below are examples of just two additional details that, although seemingly minor, produce a dramatically different overall look and feel to a wine cellar:

A VinGrotto racking system does NOT employ the filler spaces or double verticals that make a racking system look like somebody nailed together some modules. A VinGrotto wine cellar racking system fits the cellar without resorting to such amateurish cheats. 


Racking that fits like a glove... Beautiful!

Wine cellar racking column spacing to fit room

The Competition

Ugly filler spacers needed... Embarrasing.

tacky spacer cheats for wine cellar racking that does not fit


Racking that flows around corners as if painted with wood.

Properly done Wine cellar racking corner unit with NO double verticals

The Competition

Double and even triple verticals... Tacky.

Wine cellar racking tacky double vertical cheats for semi custom systems