Our Story

Jeff Hagen posing in a wine cellar

VinGrotto was started by Jeff Hagen in 2006.

From a young age, Jeff developed a passion for woodworking and architecture. Then, in his late twenties, a well-meaning friend introduced him to fine wine. Of course, this was his downfall; there's no turning back from such things. After a couple of decades of tasting better and better wine, thanks to wonderful wine friends, and after the third friend asked him to build a wine cellar, Jeff had an epiphany: he should combine his three passions. And so, VinGrotto was born.

What followed was many years of building true and proper wine cellars, something hardly anyone does. A wonderful side effect of being in this unique position has been being introduced to dozens of the most serious fellow wine lovers each and every year. Of course, a happy side effect of that is being introduced to the world's best wine, and an interesting side effect of that also involves being introduced to the world's best wine tools and accessories. And who doesn't love a good tool?

This resulted in the acquisition of an impressive array of wine glasses, decanters, openers of all sorts, filters, foil cutters, carrying cases, and many other toys. Eh-hem - tools. Some became instant favorites, some needed getting used to, yet became indispensable, and of course, most were just not worth bothering with. Then, just as with wine cellars, understanding his uncompromising standards, people started asking which ones he liked and why.

Jeff Hagen in his home office

Subsequently - lo and behold - Jeff had yet another epiphany! The benefits of such expertise and passion should be shared with all, and the people who produce these quality items deserve a quality platform on which the fruits of their labor can be properly showcased and acquired. So now we've given them such a platform, along with the reasons why we recommend their products and use them ourselves. Please take a look in our "Wine Tools" section and find a treasured wine tool for yourself or someone you care about.

We only offer tools we love. We don't offer anything just because 'we think it will sell'. That's why we're confident that adding them to your collection of all things wine will add as much enjoyment to your wine lives as they've added to ours. AND, if you're not a wine person and want to buy a gift for a wine lover, you can be confident your gift will be appreciated.

Thank you for visiting our website. We appreciate it. And if you're a wine lover who knows of a great wine tool we don't offer, send us a note. We'd love to hear about it.