Spiegelau Salute 25 oz Bordeaux glass - set of 4

Why we recommend it:  To get the most out of the wine experience, you need to drink it out of a decent glass. There are better glasses, but not at this price.  This is a fantastic set of wine glasses.  Sturdier than the more expensive thinner walled and stemmed glasses.  Perfect for the person becoming serious about wine.

Spiegelau Salute 25 oz Bordeaux glass (set of 4):  Spiegelau's Salute series features classic, timeless glass design and an elegant high stem.  Salute glasses continue the fine Spiegelau tradition of enhancing a wine's aromatics and flavors.
    • 25 oz capacity.
    • Non-leaded crystal.
    • Certified dishwasher safe.
    • Made in Germany.

Interesting facts: 

  • 11 of the 14 Michelin 3 star restaurants in the US carry Spiegelau glassware.
  • Spiegelau is one of the world's oldest companies. Established in 1524.

Type: Drinkware

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