Professional Blind Wine Tasting Kit with Storage Pouch

Why we recommend it:  Blind tastings are good fun and these purpose made pouches add to the enjoyment. Get a set and gather some wine friends together for a tasting event.  Nothing fancy, but it makes for good fun.

Professional Blind Wine Tasting Kit with Storage Pouch:  The eight wine bottle sacks are boldly printed with numbers 1 through 8 in red. Made specifically for blind wine tastings.  

  • Hook and loop straps go around each bottle neck.
  • Each sack 13-1/4” high.
  • Also enclosed is Blind Wine Tasting Scoring Sheet with a handy wine sensory chart on the reverse side - which can be photocopied.
  • All items fit into the zippered storage pouch.

*** Don't forget to put the bottles into the sacks before your friends arrive!

Type: Education

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