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Professional Blind Wine Tasting Kit with Storage Pouch

Professional Blind Wine Tasting Kit with Storage Pouch

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Why we recommend it:  Blind tastings are good fun and these purpose made pouches add to the enjoyment. Get a set and gather some wine friends together for a tasting event.  Nothing fancy, but it makes for good fun.

Professional Blind Wine Tasting Kit with Storage Pouch:  The eight wine bottle sacks are boldly printed with numbers 1 through 8 in red. Made specifically for blind wine tastings.  

  • Hook and loop straps go around each bottle neck.
  • Each sack 13-1/4” high.
  • Also enclosed is Blind Wine Tasting Scoring Sheet with a handy wine sensory chart on the reverse side - which can be photocopied.
  • All items fit into the zippered storage pouch.

*** Don't forget to put the bottles into the sacks before your friends arrive!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Keith Butcher
Worked out great

The score cards with the additional tasting information on the reverse made the tasting more fun.

Great for parties!

I got this kit for a wine tasting party and it was great! We were serving sauvignon blanc and the bottles fit in the bags without any trouble. I had all of the correct numbers (unlike some of the other reviewers) and while we didn't use the tasting sheet, it is handy to have for reference. The quality of the materials is not super high (the bottle covers are thin and the tasting sheet was wrinkled), but for the occasional wine tasting party, it is perfect and the price is reasonable. I ordered this with trepidation even though the reviews were not very positive because there aren't many alternatives, and I wanted to reassure my fellow oenophiles that this kit is just fine.

dave schwei
Check the product

They would work great but once I need them for my event I received two 1 bags and not a 2

Bags are awesome for wine tasting but wish they were a bit ...

Bags are awesome for wine tasting but wish they were a bit bigger around because some Pinot Noir bottles will not fit.

Gregg Arr
Great for blind wine tasting

For my bday my wife and I did a blind tasting with some of our wine friends. We wanted to know if our wine loving friends could really tell the difference between a $14 bottle of wine and a $2300 bottle of wine with 4 other bottles ranging from $400-$650 in between. the good and the bad news is that they could def tell and everyone loved the $2300 bottle of Petrvs. See attached pics. The kit is really nice. It comes in a zippered bag. I made color copies of the score sheet and bought sharpies bc the color card stock smeared the ink pens. They all fit nicely in the zippered bag.