Douro Port Sippers

Why we recommend it:  A port tasting was my first real gotcha moment with fine wine.  It was the moment I first thoroughly appreciated the difference between an average bottle and a great bottle.  So, if there's something that adds to the enjoyment of port, especially since there are few such things, I want it.

Douro Port Sippers:  Whether vintage or tawny, ruby or white, fine port spends years aging to perfection before it ever reaches your glass. Once there, enjoy it to the fullest with our set of four Douro Port Sippers, each incorporating a straw feature that draws from the bottom of the glass and minimizes oxidation as you sit back and savor.

  • Set of 4.
  • Holds 3 oz.  Just the right size for the purpose - which is fairly small.
  • Made of glass.
  • Hand wash recommended.
  • Great housewarming or wedding gift!
If this should happen to you:  If you or your port-sipping companions begin to wonder why the liquid in the straw is higher than the liquid in the bowl, here's the explanation one of my port-sipping buddies came up with. ...Proving once again that the fermented grape brings out the best in people.

Douro Port Sippers

Type: Drinkware

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