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Sommelier Clos Laguiole™ Juniperwood Set Waiter's Corkscrew

Why we recommend it:  Laguiole corkscrews are regarded as the best in the world.  Who doesn't want the best??   AND this one has the adjustable tension feature!

Clos Laguiole™ Juniperwood Set Waiter's Corkscrew:  
  • Genuine Juniperwood Handle, Wood Box, and Leather Pouch with Belt Loop.
  • Like most other high-end corkscrews, Clos Laguiole™ Waiter’s Corkscrew are made in France and are equipped with a five-turn elongated conical spiral, a micro-serrated knife blade with fingernail grip and cap lifter.
  • BUT the additional features that make these corkscrews special are the two adjustable axis connections, one at the spiral connection and the other at the boot lever connection. A special two-sided wrench (included) allows you to loosen or tighten the tension needed to open and close the spiral or lever. The ability to customize this tension gives you the ability to make it work best for you and can make it a tool you love.
  • 5” long.

Below is a video of the Laguiole En Aubrac - the other's we offer, that are made in France, employ very similar materials, tools, and techniques.

Type: Corkscrews

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