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Preserve™ Vacuum Pump & Stoppers

Preserve™ Vacuum Pump & Stoppers

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Why we recommend it:  Opening another bottle shouldn't mean that you have to finish it all, or dump out the rest.  Or perhaps worst of all, decide not to open another because you don't think you'll finish it.  At VinGrotto, we help take the guilt out of opening wine!  If there's some left at end of the evening, pump it out. The wine will be fine for many more days. 

The pump combined with the stoppers, allows you to pull enough air out of the bottle so that there isn't enough left to oxidize the wine within the next several days. ***

Preserve Vacuum Pump & Stoppers:  Keep your wine fresh with our stainless steel vacuum pump and stopper set, designed to extract every bit of air from the bottle and prevent oxidation in your best vintages. Pump 10 or more times to ensure all air has been removed from bottle.
  • Stainless steel & food-safe plastic.
  • Pump handle to remove air.
  • Includes 2 stoppers.
  • Do NOT use this product for sparkling wine.

*** Of course you need to keep the bottle out of the sun and in a fairly stable and fairly cool place.   A nice wine cellar comes to mind, but isn't necessary for this purpose.  Also, it's better to stand the bottle than to lay it down (because there's less surface area exposed to oxygen).  And keep in mind that Pinot Noir (and most other light colored red varietals), older wines, and organic wines go bad more quickly.  

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Amanda Smeets
... time and I can already tell the quality is better than my previous

I used this stopper for the first time and I can already tell the quality is better than my previous. The rubber stoppers are of better quality of my previous product as well. I plan on keeping this on my to buy as gift list for friends!

Stoppers and pump work tremendously. Worth the money.

I bought this wine stopper for my niece. She loves her wine. She said, "pump has right amount of pressure. Seals bottles elegantly. Pops so u know they are sealed. Great product.

Running Girl
Easy to use and I have not spilled any wine ...

Easy to use and I have not spilled any wine since using the vacuum pump. It is also easy to store and clean. I would recommend this product to anyone.

Kathryn Cleary
Five Stars

Really cool product. It's easy to use and saves my expensive wines from getting stale!

Paul Vanek
I have used this product before but mine wore out ...

I have used this product before but mine wore out. The replacement came quickly and was exactly as advertised I was really please with product and service