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Preserve Vacuum Stoppers

Preserve Vacuum Stoppers

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Why we recommend it:  Always nice to have a couple extra stoppers around just in case.

Preserve Vacuum Stoppers:  Make the most of your Preserve Vacuum pump with a set of two spare Vacuum-Seal stoppers, designed to fit any standard bottle. Used in conjunction with the pump, the pair will save two more bottles. Pump 10 or more times to ensure all air has been removed from bottle.
  • Set of 2.
  • Food-safe plastic.
  • Designed to work with preserve vacuum pump.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

They work like they're supposed to.

Long lasting and easy to use

These have lasted through boxes and boxes of wine. They are easy to use, easy to remove, easy to take apart and clean.

Ryan Camacho
Great price.

Everyone should own these! Money well spent and I appreciate having so many of them on hand. Great price.

Five Stars

Great Product and it works very well! Thanks

Must have to save unfinished wine

I use these in conjunction with the vacuum device to remove the air from wine bottles. It saves me many bottles of wine. I have at times had wine stored 2-wks plus and it is just fine. I do enjoy red wine and while I am not a sommelier, I do know red wine pretty well. I enjoy red wine now more because I am not afraid to open a bottle, have a glass, and then use a vacu vin wine saver cork so that I can enjoy the bottle again later in the week or the following one. A must have for anyone wanting to save a bottle of wine - for a day or a week, plus.