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Spiegelau "Holy GRAAL" by VinGrotto

Spiegelau "Holy GRAAL" by VinGrotto

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Why we recommend it:  This is the one decanter we felt very strongly that we HAD to offer.  We ended up having to buy them in bulk and warehousing them ourselves... so please buy one!  Or two.  You will not be sorry.

Great breathable surface area, and VERY USER FRIENDLY; easy to hold and pour, and easy to wash AND dry (very rare).  Best for the wine.  Best for whoever's pouring.  Best for whoever's cleaning up.  It's the BEST - by far!

Plus this one is worth FAR more because "VinGrotto" is etched on the base!  Investment Grade Stemware!

Spiegelau Holy GRAAL by VinGrotto:  Hidden in the bottle, wine conserves its secret. To lure this secret out of hiding, you will need something particularly special: You need the perfect wine decanter.  The very best one - The Graal - allows full-bodied wine to properly unfold.

Produced by Spiegelau while staying faithful to the spirit of Bavarian artisans, these carafes have a bulbous shape and a slimming rim which allows the wine to breathe without losing its bouquet. The wine flows generously into the decanter and is readily enriched with oxygen. It also has a sweeping design that contributes a large surface to the perfect aeration of the wine. This traditional carafe has recently been given a modern touch that translates effortlessly and adds a touch of timeless style and class to any dinner table. The design is ideally suited to a formal dinner, and for the lucky few, everyday use. 

• Color : Clear.
• Content: 1 L  (That's from the spec sheet, but it will hold a magnum -  careful pouring the first glass though).
• Height: 245 mm.
• Diameter : 170 mm.
• Material : Crystal glass.
• German made.

Interesting facts: 

  • 11 of the 14 Michelin 3 star restaurants in the US carry Spiegelau glassware.
  • Spiegelau is one of the world's oldest companies. Established in 1524.
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Customer Reviews

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Jeff Hagen

The ability to offer this decanter is what prompted us to add a shopping cart. Every one who loves wine should have one of these.