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Spiegelau Vino Grande 25 oz Burgundy glass - set of 4

Spiegelau Vino Grande 25 oz Burgundy glass - set of 4

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Why we recommend it:  To get the most out of the wine experience, you need to drink it out of a very good glass. Hundreds of years of serious effort have lead to the making of these glasses. Get yourself some and be happy. Wine is a horrible thing to waste.

Spiegelau 25 oz Vino Grande Burgundy glass (set of 4): The Vino Grande series is a step above. Featuring a timeless design and an elegant high stem. Still hand-blown, the complex and delicate shapes are meticulously crafted with some assistance from modern technology. These glasses continue Spiegelau's tradition of enhancing a wine's aromatics and flavors. 

    • 25 oz capacity.
    • Non-leaded crystal.
    • Certified dishwasher safe.
    • Made in Germany.

Interesting facts: 

  • 11 of the 14 Michelin 3 star restaurants in the US carry Spiegelau glassware.
  • Spiegelau is one of the world's oldest companies. Established in 1524.
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 20 reviews
    Our Set is Once Again Complete!

    We're very careful when cleaning our glasses. However, a couple have been broken over the past couple of years. As the glasses were fairly old, we weren't sure if we could find replacements. Fortunately, we found these online. They appeared to be the same so we took a chance. To our surprise and joy, they matched. Our set is complete once again!

    J. Stevens
    Five Stars

    I cannot tell you how much I love this fine wine glass that GO IN THE DISHWASHER!

    Five Stars


    Five Stars

    Very nice.

    Great looking glasses for every day drinking

    These are fantastic. I've gone through a lot of glasses, stemmed, stemless, varietal specific, etc. and these are by far my favorite. I've been using them for all reds, not just pinot. You should still buy these even if you never drink pinot, they are perfect for every day use. The bowl is absolutely perfect for swirling. The stem is a bit shorter than most other glasses I've used, which is awesome. The proportions are all spot on, it really makes the glasses look great.