Classic Wine Funnel, Silver Plated with Screen

Why we recommend it:  The Classic Wine Funnel is perfect for older wines that don't need any extra aeration, but do need straining.  The same great strainer as the Aerating Funnel, but this funnel's shape helps get the wine back into the bottle (or into a decanter) with minimal aeration - definitely less aeration than pouring without it. If you have older wines, you'll want one of these.

Classic Wine Funnel, Silver Plated with Screen:  Use this classic style wine funnel to return wine to the bottle or pour it into a decanter while removing bitter sediment common in older wines without introducing as much air to the wine. 

  • 3-1/8" wide, 6" high.
  • Fine mesh stainless steel filter screen included.
  • Made in Italy.

If you would like a funnel/screen set that aerates the wine, please see our Fountain Aerating Decanter Funnel also in the 'Daily Drinker' section.

Type: Accessories

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